FU-CHI Textile Co, Ltd. was founded in 1963 by Yan-Ji Chen. Based in Taipei, the company produced winter apparel fabric. As the fashion textile easy to affected by unpredictable weather conditions, he decided to seek for other opportunities. 
In 1973, the focus on the production of textiles was changed from fasion to the upholstery industry.
The automotive industry in Taiwan began in the 1980s. Toyota Motor Corporation established a strong foothold in Taiwan. In 1983, FUCHI cooperated with Japanese textile manufacturer Kawashima Selkon Textiles to prodive automobile textile for Toyota. Since 1992, we started looking abroad and investing overseas. And a year after, FUCHI began to supply genuine leather for car seats.
In 1998, son Ming-Tsong Chen took over from his father, and led the company to expanding into rail and bus industries.
As cumulative experience and know-how were gained, we stepped into aviation industry in 2003.
From 2015 to 2017, according to the needs of customers, FUCHI stretched the categories of product line to carpet, synthetic leather (PU, PVC, etc.), and related services. Now we are able to provide interior solutions for road, rail, maritime and air transportation.
As our products were no longer limited to textile, we changed the company name to FU-CHI Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. in 2018.